Saturday, February 16, 2008

Think in rainbows

A few days ago I said I would address the Think Pink thing--again. That was kind of a lie. Not just because the post was supposed to be up two days ago (I got caught up in breaking news) but because I am not going to go on another tirade about all these breast cancer events and how they are tied to women's sports and all that.
Nope, I am going to talk about another event in women's basketball that shows some teams aren't just thinking pink--they're thinking in rainbows.
Today at UC-Berkeley the women's basketball team takes on the University of Arizona and today's game is not a Think Pink event--it's GLBT Pride Day. Pat Griffin over at her blog, It Takes a Team!, writes about the event, its significance and her belief that this is first of its kind in intercollegiate athletics.
Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any press about it and the link Griffin provides to the media poster at the Cal site isn't working for me. But I am eager to read the coverage of the game to see if the event gets a mention in the press or even in blogs like Women's Hoops Blogs which is always covering Think Pink events.

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