Monday, April 28, 2008

Here's a hammer for you

Christina Hoff Sommers can just bite me. That's actually what I wanted to title this post but I decided instead to play off her own editorial's title: The Gender Equity Hammer Comes Out.

First of all, it seems that Sommers can't quite see that big ole patriarchal sledge hammer swinging around all that she does.

Not necessarily surprising. I mean we all have things we choose not see when they might threaten our pleasant little privileged existence even as the hammer smashes others into the ground. Plus all teh conservative mens love her: the piece is published at

But, really, Christina? Title IX is a hammer? Sommers's editorial focuses on how Title IX is going to be applied in its full force to science programs. But, of course, she feels the need to mention, probably as a cautionary tale (not that her audience really needs convincing), how Title IX has done "serious harm" to men's sports. Why? Because in order to achieve proportionality athletic directors have to cut men's sports because there are so few women interested in playing sports. The ADs just can't get the women to come play for them and so men lose their opportunities.

It's all just so damn frustrating. There are plenty of women who want to play intercollegiate sports. I know plenty of interested women who were denied opportunities at the schools of their choices or just generally because schools still have not made a commitment to gender equity.

Men's sports teams get cut because athletic departments cannot afford them. And when I say men's sports teams I mean men's minor sports that are not revenue-generating. Schools are not cutting football teams which would easily bring them into compliance and likely make those pesky athletic budgets a little easier to manage. Men's sports have been damaged by other men--and by women like Christina Hoff Sommers who will continue to perpetuate the belief that this is a battle of the sexes. It isn't. It's the same old pissing contest for male supremacy. They don't even need the women; we're just pawns. It's all about who is the biggest, strongest, and most virile.


Diane said...

Oh, what a self-loathing idiot. Even a hammer couldn't make a dent in that head. Only facts could, and I don't think she's interested in those.

Anonymous said...

So why aren't you calling for Title IX to be applied to education, social work, and women's studies? Maybe even general admission?

Why isn't Title IX applied to the fine arts? What happens if there aren't enough boys to sing, dance, and act so the girls are told to go away.

Let's see how it's handled when the girls start having their opportunities capped and the boys' interest levels.