Monday, February 15, 2010

You're outraged now?

Initially when I read this column at the Huffington Post by Michele Morris about the story of the missing female ski jumpers in Vancouver, I had another one of those where have you been moments. It's a good column that outlines the whole contentious history of the women's exclusion from the Olympic games. It offers those late to the issue, a quick and thoughtful catch-up. But I was still annoyed at the media coverage this late in the game.
But then as I was watching jumping events this past weekend and heard nary a word about the lack of women, I kind of softened my stance. If they are not going to talk about it during the actual Olympics on the many stations of NBC maybe we do still need writers like Morris to be bringing up this issue.
Then today I got irked again as I read about people so outraged they are boycotting the Olympics because of it. Really? I have been pleased to see a lot of controversy and protesting of these games, but you're picking this issue--NOW--to boycott. Where was the outrage last year, four years ago? What were you doing when the IOC opted not to allow in the women but added ski cross?
Outside the Lines finally addressed the issue. They did a good job. They made Jacques Rogge appear the sexist old white dude that he is. And it was amusing when Lindsey Van compared the IOC to the Taliban. But again--where was this story last year? ESPN has influence and they didn't use it.
Though Van is not hopeful that women will ever be allowed to jump, I think it's a possibility if there is concerted outrage and not just this I just learned about this story and I'm hoppin' mad kind of stuff.

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