Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do we really have to applaud this?

Last year I noted, probably more than once, that President Obama neglected to fill out a women's bracket. I wrote about how problematic that was at the time.
This year he has done both brackets. And Christine Brennan is practically drooling in her congratulations to the president. [OK that was slightly exaggerated, but I have been forced to watch a lot of ESPN lately so I am trending more toward hyperbole. I will try to tone it down. But sometimes Brennan's happy happy just makes me crazy crazy.]
I mean, come on, he should have done it last year. He should have at least admitted, perhaps as he congratulated the Huskies and played pick-up with them at the White House, that he made an error in judgment and participated and perpetuated the general societal ignorance of American women's sport. But no. I heard no such things. [Happy to be corrected, of course.]
So good for you President Obama, for doing the right thing that should have been the automatic thing if you really believed all you said about gender equity.

By the way, I've filled out three women's brackets this year, and two of them are for women tourney pools only. I have to compensate for all the people who only fill out men's brackets.


Diane said...

Don't you know that we always applaud "liberals" for doing the right thing? :)

ken said...

Oh, I guess that's why I shun the liberal label.