Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maria on Maria

A letter to the editor of the Montreal Gazette:

Double standard
The Gazette January 17, 2011 Re: "Pivotal year for Sharapova" (Gazette, Jan. 14).

No sooner is the engagement ring on her finger and already we're wondering if this will somehow compromise Maria Sharapova's ability to play tennis? Not to mention the commentary on Kim Clijsters's talent remaining intact since she got married.

I don't recall this concern surfacing when Mike Comrie of the Edmonton Oilers married Hilary Duff, or when Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators tied the knot with Carrie Underwood. No one wondered what effect the change in marital status would have on their hockey skill and capability. As well, it doesn't look like anyone is wondering if sporting a wedding band will affect Sasha's Vujacic's ability to play basketball.

When will we ever get over the silliness of such double standards?

Maria Algeri Pierrefonds

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