Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hall of Fame investigates Hewitt

After a lot of feet dragging and failed attempts to keep the story quiet, the International Tennis Hall of Fame has said it will investigate the claims of sexual abuse made against inductee Bob Hewitt.
This news came out last week, just as the HoF was getting ready to host its annual pro tournament and induct the class of 2012.
Claims against Hewitt in South Africa are being looked into. The statute of limitations for alleged abuse that occurred in the United States have all passed. But concerned parties, including the women who allege they were victims of Hewitt's when he was a coach, asked the HoF over a year ago to address the situation.
After saying they would draft a policy to deal with future similar situations, rather than addressing the past, the HoF received a great deal of criticism. Now they have hired a Boston law firm to do a confidential investigation. But no one from the organization has commented--apparently all the HoF powers that be were at Wimbledon last week.

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