Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Introducing Coach Osterman

National team pitcher Cat Osterman, who is preparing for the 2008 summer Olympics, just took a position as a permanent, full-time assistant coach at DePaul. And the people at DePaul are psyched to have her. And she is pretty happy about being there, too. She said she was looking for a change after living in Texas her life. She pitched in a Chicago suburb in the professional fast-pitch league this past summer and has relatives in the area. She said she hadn't really been out of Texas much besides her travel with the national team. I think it's always a good idea to get out of Texas, and Chicago should offer her a different perspective on life.

What I like about this ESPN column on Osterman's new position is the opening:

Imagine Tim Duncan signing on as a full-time assistant coach at the University of Pittsburgh to impart some wisdom to the post players, or LaDainian Tomlinson joining the coaching staff at West Virginia to tutor the running backs.
That's exactly the kind of coup Big East softball power DePaul scored last week when it announced Cat Osterman had joined coach Eugene Lenti's staff as a full-time assistant, expected to serve as the team's pitching coach.

Writer Graham Hays recognizes Osterman's status in the sport, educates readers who are unaware, and gives the story the attention it deserves.

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