Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More adult opportunities

I was vacationing in NH a couple of weeks ago and visited with a friend who bemoaned the lack of sport opportunities for adult women. She did mention the Wolfeboro She-Wolves, a local hockey team for adult women at any level of play. I found and have added the website to the side bar. It looks like a strong program with 75 women participating.
This also gave me renewed sense of purpose to find and list such opportunities.
And if you leave in Eugene, Oregon you are in luck. It looks like there are a few options for adults who want to participate in rec sports according to the community notices posted in yesterday's Register-Guard. There's women's volleyball (no age restrictions listed, both co-ed and women-only), flag football, ice hockey and ice skating (no ages mentioned), bowling, and rugby.
As always email or post in the comments any opportunities you know about.

UPDATE: It looks like the rugby club in Eugene is men only. But I found the Eugene Rec Department offers soccer, disc golf, softball, and ultimate frisbee in addition to volleyball.

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