Friday, June 01, 2007

ESPN covers the Hawkins case

Greg Garber at has written a column on the firing of Missouri's club lacrosse coach Kyle Hawkins. It includes a video clip of Hawkins. The column is a pretty in-depth and provides a lot of details of Hawkins's coming out process including how his parents essentially disowned him. (He was removed from the family trust fund and they haven't spoken since he told them he is gay.) There are also repeated assertions from players, the team's faculty advisor, and even Cyd Zeigler of that Hawkins's firing was not related to his homosexuality. Again, I believe them when they say the issue was not brought up in discussions. I even believe that they believe it had nothing to do with the decision. But I do not believe that the alleged negative coaching style was a recent development or that the concern over his poor representation of the university at away games was not influenced by his homosexuality.

According Garber's column, which was written a week ago, Hawkins has some offers at other club teams and is attracted to Div. III schools and is looking at a position at the English Lacrosse Association.

Hawkins's story will air on Sports Center Sunday night at 9pm (eastern).

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