Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jolly good day at SW19

Not a drop of rain! Some of us are headed back tomorrow and probably will not be as lucky with the weather but we're going to persevere.

It was an amazing day. My first time at Wimbledon and I got to see Amelie Mauresmo on Centre Court. It was wonderful. And I got to experience the atmosphere engendered by Tim Henman who has lived to fight another day--tomorrow in fact he is slated to be back on Centre Court.

Navigating Wimbledon was not as easy as the US Open. First, Centre Court tickets only get you into Centre Court and outlying courts. So you miss all matches on Court 1 and can only stand on Court 2. This was disappointing, especially because Jelena Jankovic was playing there this afternoon and we were crammed into standing room space when there were more than half of the ticketed seats empty.

But we did see some good outside court matches. Sam Stosur beat American Kristina Brandi. Megan Shaughnessy lost badly to a player I had never heard of before.

Hopefully there will be some doubles up tomorrow.

Here are some pics of the day's matches.

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Diane said...

Gajdosova has been slowly making her way. I thought, after last week, though, that Shaughnessy would win this, but there she goes again.

I know everyone in England is happy, but I wanted to see Moya win that match.

How exciting that you got to see Amelie!