Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've heard of them

I am quite tired of the Nike commercials airing during the World Cup. The commercials themselves are not that bad. They feature The Office star Rainn Wilson playing a PR guy trying to bring some attention to the team. OK, I get it. This is a team without Julie Foudy (though you can always tune into the games and hear her), Mia Hamm, and Brandi Chastain. Some of the name power is gone.
But I think Nike would have been better off with a campaign that actually introduces some of these new and exciting players. Give us some personalities--there are plenty to choose from.
But Nike opted for the tagline: The best team you've never heard of.
Except that some of us have heard of them. Some of us knew Lori Chalupny, who scored the only goal in today's game against Nigeria, and Lindsay Tarpley when they were both stars at UNC and likely national team candidates. And of course some of us have always paid attention to Abby Wambach.
So like this LA Times writer I say to Nike ditch the condescending tagline. You're not doing women's soccer any favors.

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EBuz said...

My objection to those ads is that they're targeting the wrong audience. If you're watching the ad, it means you've hauled your butt out of bed in morning's wee hours to watch women's soccer. You've obviously heard of them!