Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Misbehavin' at Purdue

The Purdue's women's basketball team, a frequent contender in the NCAA tournament, might have some of its momentum stymied by sanctions as a result of a cheating incident.

An assistant coach with the team was found to have written papers for a player. The NCAA has penalized the team by taking away two of their 15 scholarships this year and has placed them on probation for two years. The assistant coach, Katrina Merriweather will have to go in front of an NCAA infractions committee if she hopes to remain in intercollegiate coaching. The player, Cherelle George is not likely to place college ball ever again.

The incident occurred under former head coach Kristy Curry's tenure. Curry knew about the allegations and did her own looking into them but thought it was an issue of bad blood between assistant coaches.

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