Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And the winners are...

Last night's Women's Sports Foundation Annual Salute to Women in Sports featured some big names receiving great accolades.

Golfer Lorena Ochoa, who last year overtook one of the greatest--Annika Sorenstam--as the number one golfer in the world, won professional Sportswoman of the Year. Tennessee softball pitcher Monica Abbott won the same in the amateur category.

Figure skater Michelle Kwan won the Billie Jean King Contribution Award for her work as a public diplomat travelling around the world talking to kids about education and social issues.

And the Rutgers women's basketball team won the Wilma Rudolph Courage Award for enduring all the crap that followed in the wake of Don Imus's imbecility. They met and posed for a picture with former national soccer team member and long-time WSF supporter Julie Foudy, who, while praising the team for their actions, got their gender wrong and called them "guys."
Other attendees included Jackie Joyner-Kersee who had to comment on the recent revelations that track star Marion Jones did indeed use performance-enhancing drugs and lied about it to investigators.
Billie Jean King's special guest was Anucha Browne Sanders, the former executive for the Knicks who recently won her sexual harasment lawsuit against coach Isiah Thomas.

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