Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Smash Hits event is all about Davenport

ESPN columnist Bonnie Ford has a good piece about the return of Lindsay Davenport to active player status after giving birth early in the summer. We learn a little more about son Jagger's delivery--it was early and done by c-section to avoid complications; and that she started playing only two weeks later! Another example of how being in good shape going into a pregnancy helps you on the other side of it.

Ford also uses the column to pay tribute to newly retired Corina Morariu, Davenport's former doubles partner and good friend. According to Ford, Morariu has been doing commentary. I haven't heard her yet but I am eager to hear her take on things and hopeful that she is better than, say, Pam Shriver.

And, by the way, the event Davenport and Morariu were playing, Smash Hits, an annual event organized by Billie Jean King and Elton John, raised $400,000 for AIDS causes. And John paid great tribute to King when he commented that she should be


Diane said...

I heard Corina on The Tennis Channel last week, and she did a pretty good job. I thought Katrina Adams was stronger, but then, I really like Katrina Adams as a commentator.

I'm surprised that Williams sisters fans aren't all over Corina, though: She suggested that Serena had a certain amount of arrogance (she used that word) in thinking she could win everything in front of her after she won the Australian Open.

ken said...

Oh interesting. I did not hear about this Serena slight. Seems that what is termed confidence in a man (especially a white man) is arrogance in a black woman.
Didn't she play Serena her first grand slam back (I think it was the US Open) after her cancer went into remission?

Diane said...

I'm not sure, but I think she did.

Everyone seems to know what Serena is feeling and thinking all the tim, like she's doing thought broadcasting or something.