Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh no, no, no, no

But yes, yes, yes, yes, the new uniforms designed by PUMA for Women's Professional Soccer include skorts. Skorts!
And they're ugly to boot. I believe they are being referred to as "wraps" that appear (see the pictures) to go over the shorts. I can't imagine players actually wearing them while playing which begs the question: why the heck are skorts part of the uniform?
Has soccer ever been played in a skort?
Why now?
A few guesses that have everything to do with trying to enhance the femininity of soccer players who play a sport that is seen as a little more masculine than people are comfortable with.
You know what I am uncomfortable with? Soccer players in skorts.

P.S. Another story about the problematic timing (because of the depression and all) of the WPS's debut; this one's from WaPo.

[h/t to Because I Played Sports where I found this story!]

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