Thursday, March 26, 2009

WANTED: Someone to head international sporting organization

WTA CEO Larry Scott will not be doing as much international travelling. He's been chosen as the new Pac-10 commissioner.
I'm not shedding any tears. I was never that impressed with Scott despite his brokering of the Sony Ericson sponsorship. And that someone actually thought he brought credibility to the women's tour is a little suspect. I did not realize it lacked credibility in the pre-Scott era. I actually think it was Billie Jean King who brought said credibility to the women's tour--you know by starting it and promoting it and all!
Scott wasn't the search committee's first choice, though. In fact they tried for Condoleezza Rice (among others) before they found a willing Scott. But Stanford's Bob Bowlsby is making the best of it by saying that the committee is impressed by Scott's negotiation of television contracts--something the Pac-10 is lacking right now.
And hey, the Pac-10's (questionable) gain is a great opportunity for the WTA.

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Diane said...

I wish the rest of us were impressed by the television contracts. Enduring a second year of Fox Sports Network "coverage" of Indian Wells and Miami--after we all (including the players) complained loudly about it last year is very irritating.