Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When racism doesn't pay

I should probably say, "when overt racism doesn't pay." And then I should probably add, "well of course it shouldn't."
But still, it gives me a little bit hope (which one usually needs mid-week, or if one is a Duke fan--how about those Michigan State women last night, eh?) when people in sport realize that things just are not right, even if the consciousness is motivated by money.
South Carolina continues to fly the confederate flag--at its state house. And so the NCAA will not choose any SC location for post-season/tourney play. Rightly so, of course. And because of it the state, particularly the city of Columbia where the other USC is located, loses out on lots 'o money. Like millions, according to this columnist who is doing his due diligence in printing what is probably an annual column about the situation. And for his efforts he has been called a "pansy douche bag." I found that lovely phrase in just one of the over 350 comments (at the time of this posting) that the column has generated.

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Kevin Lockett said...

Amen. No reason for the NCAA to give money to a state that still flies a flag that represents treason and racism.